4 Meditation Benefits Backed by Science

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What is Meditation?

Imagine this: you are sitting in a beautiful garden and the only sound that you can hear is birds singing and you have your eyes closed just listening to the birds – that is meditation. It is lovely!

Meditation is a technique of quietening the mind whilst focusing on a peaceful sound and/or one’s breath for relaxation.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is so beneficial for lots of reasons. Even though I have only mentioned some of the many benefits, you will be able to understand how powerful meditation can be.

#1. Meditation helps with stress

One of the best uses for meditation is stress releasing. In the numerous studies that have been conducted they have proved that meditation is a powerful way of managing stress.

#2. Meditation can improve mental health

One study has shown that meditation can be very beneficial in the long-term for people diagnosed with anxiety disorders. (study)

Another study has suggested that meditation can help improve subclinical depression and anxiety. (study)

#3. Meditation lowers blood pressure

One particular study suggests that meditation may present notable changes in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. (study)

#4. Meditation may help with pain

There have been several studies conducted that have found that meditation can reduce pain. One of those studies has shown that meditation along with medical care can be effective in the reduction of back pain. (study)

Meditation Benefits Backed By Science Infographic

Have you ever tried meditation? If so, I would love to know about your experience. Please use the comment section to tell me.

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