Hi and Welcome!

I’m Camille Turner and I’m so grateful that you found my part of the internet. I’m the founder and editor behind That Wellness Girl. My blog is to help people achieve peace in their life.

When I started my healing journey I developed a passion for the wellness industry.

I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for the wellness industry, so I decided to create That Wellness Girl.

About Me

I live in rural Australia on the family farm.

My childhood was stressful. I am so grateful that I have now found peace.

I have always been a determined person, which has got me through a lot in my life.

With the stress that I experienced my health has suffered. I have digestive/gut problems, eczema and psoriasis, and other health problems. I did have an under-active thyroid, which seems to have settled, apparently because the stress has stopped. I am a stronger person now.

Camille and her dog Goldie
This is my Golden Labrador called Goldie and myself

I lived in Queensland for 5 years and am now living back on the farm with my Mum, 2 labradors (Ruby and Goldie) and 1 cat (Mister).

When my health worsened I started to take a great interest in the wellness industry and how to achieve peace in my life.

I am a dog lover and I love butterflies.

With gratitude,