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Essential Oils to Help You Relieve Stress

Essential oils for stress

Stressed out? Essential oils can help you to feel calmer. They have so many wonderful and therapeutic benefits. Pure essentials oils are extracted from plants (such as flowers and tree bark). Do they really work for stress? Yes. The way they work is through inhalation or by applying them to the skin. When stressed, essential […]


16 Ways to Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Positivity is seeing the positives in a negative situation. When you or other people are going through a tough time, it is recognising that there are reasons to be positive and grateful. However, negativity is seeing the faults in situations and people. It is concentrating on the things that went wrong when things did go […]


9 Interesting Ways to Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude

Gratitude being such a powerful emotion, it can have a really positive effect on our mind and body. Gratitude is truly life-changing. When you think about it there is so much to be grateful for. The things that we take for granted, is someone else’s wish or dream. By practicing gratitude daily you can allow […]